Mobilon tape uses for draped design

Mobilon tape is the clear elastic tape that made from TPU, which is stink-proof, eco-friendly and recyclable. We have talked about mobilon tape uses several times. Besides sewing at shoulder part to keep the shape of T-shirt and using as mask ear loops, mobilon tape can also be used for designing drape of clothes.


When being used for draped design, mobilon tape should be sewed by flexible stitch. The stitch won’t make the thread cover the fabric or limit fabric’s extension. This type of stitch is usually used on underwear because it’s thin, simple and flexible. Through the stitch, clear mobilon tape can stay close and flat on draped fabric.


mobilon tape for draped design mobion tape on clothes

To keep the resilience and flexibility of the drape part, the mobilon tape shouldn’t be too soft or narrow. Generally, the thinner and narrower, the softer and stretcher the TPU tape is. So customers usually choose mobilon tape in width of 5 mm to finish the draped design.


Besides, the raw material of TPU tape will also affect its resilience. For example, B Series TPU tape (made from Taiwan raw material) has less elasticity, D Series TPU tape (made from Germany raw material) has medium elasticity, and S Series mobilon tape (made from Japan raw material) has more elasticity. Therefore, customers choose D Series tape for draped design at cuff and two seam parts of body. If the drape is designed at neck part, more elasticity should be supported. So customers choose S Series mobilon generally.


Mobilon tape has other usage that we haven’t recognize so far. We will talk more about it later.


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