TPU tape for garment sewing

TPU tape, also named mobilon tape, is not a new accessory in apparel industry. It is usually used at shoulder part, cuff and crotch for knitting clothing shaping. However, TPU tape is very different from traditional braided elastic tape.


Braided elastic tape is usually colored and thicker while TPU tape is semi-transparent, which has no limitation about colors. So they have different usage. If you want strong elastic tape for elastic waistband, braided elastic tape will be more suitable. Because TPU tape is more suitable for shaping. For example, when it is sewed at shoulder part, the knitting clothes will not be easy to get out of shape by washing and hanging. Besides shaping, some T-shirts have drape design elements with invisible TPU elastic tape, which makes the clothes not only pretty but also flexible and comfortable.



No matter for shaping or design, TPU tape perfectly matches knitting wear because of its transparency and elasticity. That leads to another point: different usage may need TPU tape in different elasticity rate. For instance, clothes of high-end brand may need TPU tape owns better elasticity; TPU tape used at cuff may need higher stretch rate; TPU tape used at shoulder part may have less request for elasticity.


Anyway, TPU tape is widely used for garment sewing. Because of its eco-friendly performance, TPU tape is developing new usages in other industries.


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