TPU tape for clothes hanger loops

Usually, we can see two straps on the two sides of clothes or dress. Some guys or girls may don’t know what the straps for. Actually, those are hanger loops.


It is obvious that not each clothes has hanger loops. Because hanger loops are used to help the clothes be easier to be hanged. Therefore, a basic T-shirt usually doesnt have hanger loops. But some clothes in special model such as flat shoulders must need hanger loops.


Within hanger loops, we can not only hang clothes easily, but also help clothes not easy to be out of shape. For many types of skirt, pants and suits, it usually get a hanger-shape after hanging by hanger directly. However, hanger loops can help to solve the problem. Just hang the loops on hanger instead of putting up clothes bu hanger, which help to decrease the deformation rate of clothes.


Besides, hanger loops make the hanging clothes not easy to slide down.


Generally, there are two kinds of material of hanger loops: satin and TPU. Satin loops are soft but not anti-slip when TPU loops are transparent and anti-skidding. TPU hanger loops usually choose T.M Series TPU tape, which wont have any limit about color because of transparency of TPU tape. Some branding businesses will also print their logos on TPU hanger loops.


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