TPU clear band for high heels

High heels have always been popular since it appeared in 16 century. Nowadays, nearly all ladies own their high heels. It’s easy to understand why high heels are popular to ladies. The most important point is that ladies with high heels are looked more gentle and graceful. However, heavy is the head who wears the crown. High heels makes ladies gentle, it also makes ladies painful at the same time. For example, feet rubbing and the high heels fall off when you are walking. So people give lots of ideas to solve the problems. Here we recommend TPU clear band to reply the high heels falling off.

clear band for high heels tpu band for shoes

TPU clear band for high heels is not the new thing. TPU band can not only be used for high heels, but also for dance shoes or sandals. There are several types of clear band in different materials. But TPU band is the better and more expensive one. Here we list some advantage of TPU band:


1. TPU is a kind of eco-friendly material. As to its feature, TPU can be recycled. If it’s buried in soil, TPU can be decomposed to water and innocuous gas.


2. TPU band in nature color is clear, transparent and invisible.


3. TPU band is stretchable, which is more flexible to fit the shoes and feet.


4. Because of the eco-friendly feature of TPU, TPU band is stink-proof and has no harm to people’s health.


Different type of shoes may match TPU band in different sizes. Some customers may like to print their logo on band. Both of those requirements can be satisfied in Yunze. We are providing certificate guarantee TPU band and high quality service for customers.

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