Clear cord for sandals

Clear elastic cord is generally made from TPU raw material. Usually it is used for jewelry and bracelets making, so some call it bead string, beading thread or bead cord. Compared with braided rubber cord, TPU cord is clear transparent and invisible. Therefore, TPU cord is also called crystal clear elastic thread.


TPU cord’s application of bracelets and necklace are common and familiar, but some have unique idea to use TPU cord on sandals.


Nowadays, clear invisible shoes, bags and other apparel accessories are popular and fashion. We have to admit that a pair of invisible sandals makes lady more pretty in the fashion of simple and elegant. Besides, the clear transparent appearance helps lady decrease trouble of matching colors.


tpu cord for sandals tpu cord for sandals

Another type of invisible shoes that is more common than clear cord sandals is clear strap sandals. This type of sandals has the similar design concept as clear cord sandals. But the top strap is the band instead of cord. Generally, the band will be made from cheaper PVC.


Besides shoes, TPU cord is also used for bra straps. Thus, clear elastic cord could have many application and usage if we have ideas.


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