Clear bra straps

TPU tape has several types such as high elastic semi-transparent type, clear transparent type and colored type. Generally, semi-transparent TPU tape is added abrazine particle to enhance elasticity, which is used for knit wear shaping. The clear transparent type has less elasticity, which is usually used for clear bra straps, swimwear straps and hanger loops. The colored type may has special usage such as mask ear loops.


A pair of high quality clear bra strap is not as simple as we can see. Ignoring the various hooks, we focus on the clear strap today. Firstly, the clear strap should be UV resistant. Or it will be easy to get yellow, especially through the effect of sunlight. Secondly, the clear strap should be anti-sweat and ageing resistant. The salinity and grease of sweat will make plastic strap exude powder and get bad. Thirdly, a piece of good clear strap should be transparent without spots and scratches on surface. So most clear straps are made from TPU. High quality clear TPU tape is made from Germany TPU raw material, the performance can reference T.M Series TPU tape.



Sometimes, some designers require to print logo or special pattern on clear TPU straps to emphasize their uniqueness and fashion.


Besides clear TPU tape, some designers choose clear cord as clear bra straps, which is much more special. And the round shape strap may be more comfortable for consumers, though it isn’t flexible to be adjusted. But clear cord bra strap is not as easy as flat tape one to be processed or assembled.


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