TPU plastic transparent clear bra strap

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  • Product: clear bra straps

    Hooks: clear plastic

    Buckles: white nylon coated

    Width: 10 mm
    Thickness: 0.16 mm
    Color: natural
    Feature: clear transparent strap, stink-proof, waterproof

    Contact:  Joye Chen


  • Why choose Yunze clear bra straps?

    1. High quality TPU materials 

    Choose TPU materials that from Germany and Taiwan. Refuse reclaimed material.

    2. Refuse defective products 

    The TPU strap refuse nonfusible points, black dots and scratch.

    3. Good elasticity 

    Not easy to be out of shape or slipped down.

    4. Durable and not easy to go bad 

    The TPU transparent clear bra strap from Yunze is durable, which is not easy to turn yellow and exude powder.

    5. No smell

    The TPU bra strap from Yunze is not smelly. The smelly strap will not only make people uncomfortable but also does harm to health.

    6. High quality hooks

    The hooks have no scrach, no rust and are not easy to rupture.

    Application of TPU transparent bra strap

    application of tpu transparent bra strap tape


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